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Boost Instagram Followers

Facebook and Instagram feature today (21) the #ElaFazHistória, your female empowerment program that aims to encourage women’s entrepreneurship, including business stories built for them and taking training to inspire other women to achieve their projects.

According to Sebrae, the number of self-employed entrepreneurs grew 15% in Brazil in the last 10 years, and has shown himself to be a path that brings down barriers caused by gender inequality. According to the Agency, the average income among Brazilian men and women are quite different. In micro and small enterprises, women account for about 80% of that of men in the same function. In medium-sized and large enterprises, the difference is even greater, because women just 70% sold.

Possession of such data, Facebook decided to start the campaign for understanding that female entrepreneurship is an important tool to achieve gender equity.

“The number of Facebook business pages managed by women has doubled in the last year. And the connection with those pages also increased because the number of messages sent to them has doubled since the beginning of 2015, “said Adubato, Director of entrepreneurship on Facebook. “We believe that our tools can help women to undertake and encourage others to do the same. We want to tell women’s stories to inspire other women to seek for their professional achievements.

\As main actions of the program revolve around their own social networking tools. The hashtag #ElaFazHistória will gather testimonials and tributes of the women themselves about the stories that inspired. All reports will be available on the website (click here).

In addition, the program will hold exclusive events training to equip the entrepreneurs of tools and knowledge. The workshops are developed together with partners Think Olga boost instagram followers, UN Women, entrepreneurial women Network, you and the school ConnectAmericas program the IDB’s Women and will take place in Recife, Porto Alegre, Belem, Brasilia and Sao Paulo until the end of the second half. An award, in partnership with the small business, large Business Magazine, will recognise these stories of female enterprise.

“The strengthening of women’s leadership is one of the pillars of our Organization. We believe that diversity is what makes us female entrepreneurship and innovation is one of the tools for a more inclusive future and revolutionary, “says Nana Lima, Director of Think Olga, a partner in the program.

The latest announced by Instagram should please users who tend to consume content from elsewhere on the network. From the month of July, the application will include a tool for translation of texts published in pictures and videos. With that, subtitles, comments and descriptions of profiles can have their content translated into the native language of the user.

To translate the words, a button will be included. If it arises just below the text being displayed, it is a sign that he is capable of translation to your language.

The feature was announced through the official account of the company in the app with the following call: “next month, you will see a button to translate the stories newsfeed and profile descriptions written in languages other than their own. The community of Instagram grew rapidly and became more global than we imagined. And we’re excited that you will soon be able to understand the full story of a moment,boost instagram followers no matter what language you speak. To learn more about the translation and Instagram, go to the page “

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